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Welcome to Department of Information Technology

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The Program Educational Objectives (PEO) of the department of Information Technology Engineering are:

PEO 1 - Fundamental Knowledge & Core Competence :
To provide students with a solid foundation in mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals required to solve engineering problems and also to pursue higher studies and to succeed in industry / technical profession.

PEO 2 - Competency for Real World :
To train students with good scientific and engineering breadth and technology skills so as to comprehend, analyze, design, and create novel products and solutions for the real life problems.

PEO 3 - Professionalism :
To inculcate in students professional and ethical attitude, effective communication skills, teamwork and leadership skills and multidisciplinary approach, and an ability to relate engineering issues to broader social context.

PEO 4 - Societal Contribution :
To enable students to pursue lifelong learning and become successful engineers, managers, scientists, researchers, innovators or entrepreneurs meeting global industrial requirements and make substantial contributions to the society.