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Welcome to Department of Information Technology

Name Work Area Details
Mr. Sujit Mohapatra Programming in C, C++, JAVA, OS, DBMS View
Mr. Sujit Mohapatra
Ms. Babitarani Garanayak Programming in C, DBMS, C++, DCCN View
Ms. Babitarani Garanayak
Mr. Biswajit Upadhyay Administration & Convenor ( ERP ) , Programing in C, JAVA, CAO, DBMS, IWT View
Mr. Biswajit Upadhyay
Mrs. M.Priyattama Sahoo Programing in C, C++, Computer Organisation, DBMS View
Mrs. M.Priyattama Sahoo
Subhashish Das Mohapatra Programming in C, C++, JAVA, Android, Google Apps, Mobile Computing, Cloud Computing View
Subhashish Das Mohapatra